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Online Shopping

When a product is out of stock, when will there be a restock message?

In the rare event that a product in the shopping cart is sold out after the order has been confirmed, we will contact you to inform you that the product is sold out. Other products in your order will be shipped as usual, but the payment for the related sold out products will be refunded. If you have any product-related inquiries, please email us at .

Do I need to register an account before shopping online?

We recommend that you register a member account, and register as a member to enjoy more benefits:
i. Exclusive shopping privileges for KOSMETICS members and earning points;
ii. Your personal information will be kept safe, making checkout faster and more convenient;
iii. Unpurchased items will be kept in your shopping bag for next use;
iv. Add your favorite products to the wish list;
v. Track the status and records of your order.
Please click here to register as a KOSMETICS member.

Why didn't I submit my order successfully?

The unsuccessful submission of your order may be due to credit card-related reasons. Please check with your card issuer before contacting us for further assistance.

What payment methods can be used for shopping at the KOSMETICS online store?

Our website accepts the following payment methods:
Master, Visa, Paypal and FPS.

What currency is charged for online purchases?

The prices of all products in the online store are in Hong Kong dollars, and the settlement is in Hong Kong dollars at the time of purchase.

When are online orders charged?

Under normal circumstances, online orders are charged on the day the order is confirmed.

After an order is submitted, can I still add items to the same order?

Once an order is submitted, you cannot add items to the same order. You can create a new order to add items.

Where can I find my order history?

Once your order has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your order has been accepted. If you have not received the email notification after submitting the order, you can also check the status of your order through "My Account" or contact us for inquiries.

Can I cancel my order?

Before your order starts shipping, if you need to cancel the order, you only need to contact us. If the order is already in delivery, please refer to "Returns and Refunds" to return the product.

What if I placed an order twice?

Please contact a customer service representative as soon as possible for assistance.

Shipping and Pickup

How soon will my order be delivered?

We will process and arrange delivery of your order within one to two working days, and the delivery time is subject to the delivery time of SF Express. The following is the reference delivery time:

Hong Kong: - 3-7 working days

Please note:
- Shipping charged at checkout (if applicable)
- In the case of a free shipping offer, the shipping fee will be displayed as "0"

*Delivery time will be affected by factors such as shipping arrangements, weather and local holidays or festivals such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, etc. The actual time is subject to the delivery time limit of the transportation company. KOSMETICS is not responsible for the delays caused by it.

Can I modify the shipping method?

Sorry, we do not offer order modifications, including shipping methods. If you need to modify the delivery method, you can cancel the "unpaid" order, place a new order and choose the appropriate delivery method to purchase the product.

How can I pick up the goods at SF Stores?

After receiving the "Pickup Notification" SMS, follow the content of the SMS to pick up the package at the designated SF Express store. When picking up the package, please present the "Pickup Notice" as a voucher. After the staff checks that the name of the package is correct, you can sign for the package.
If you entrust someone else to collect the package on your behalf, the representative must also show the "Pickup Notice" to the staff before picking up the package.

What should I do if I do not pick up the goods at the "self-pickup service" location within the pick-up period?

If the customer fails to receive the goods on time due to personal reasons, please contact SF Express to make arrangements. SF Express may charge additional administrative fees.

What is the latest time for door-to-door delivery?

The normal latest delivery time of SF Express is 19:00 of the day, and 18:00 for outlying islands. In special circumstances, you can call SF Express to make an appointment.

SF Express Customer Service Hotline

Hong Kong: 2730 0273
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 20:30
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays 08:00 - 20:00

Macau: 2873 7373
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 20:30
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays 08:00 - 20:00

I did not receive the "Collection Notification" SMS, what should I do?

The "Pickup Notification" SMS is only applicable to SF store self-pickup method: If the goods have arrived at SF Express stores but you have not received the "Pickup Notification" SMS, you can directly inquire with SF Express about the arrangements for picking up the goods.

What should I do when I pick up my product at a SF store, but the staff say my product is not available?

If you have received the "Pickup Notification" SMS and went to pick up the goods according to the normal procedure, but you cannot pick up the product smoothly, please email us with the order number, registered name and phone number to Get in touch so we can follow up with you as soon as possible.

Is there a shipping charge for online orders?

Please refer to KOSMETICS Shipping Policy for details.

Returns and Refunds

How long does the refund process take to complete?

Generally, we will refund the money to your payment account within 14 working days after we receive your returned item.
The actual arrival date is subject to the processing cycle of the bank/online payment system.

Which account will my refund be credited to?

Refunds will be credited to the account you paid for at the time.

Can refunds in process be directly offset against new orders?

Sorry, your refund cannot be used to offset a new order, please wait patiently for the refund to arrive in your account.

After I receive the package, I find that the product is not consistent with the order, what should I do?

If you find any problem with the product, please email us at with the order number, registered name and phone number within 7 working days of the delivery date to follow up.

member account

Can I enjoy member discounts when shopping online?

Enjoy member discount shopping at KOSMETICS Online Store. Before checkout, you need to use the mobile phone number and email address registered as a member to register and log in to the online account.
For details, please refer to KOSMETICS Membership Program or contact us for more information.

Can I earn membership points for online shopping?

$1 spent online = 1 point

Every 10 points can be exchanged for cash $1, and you will receive a discount code after redeeming $ (enter the discount code to deduct when you pay in the next order)

*Other offers (such as birthday offers, other discounts) cannot be used at the same time

Can I change my membership information online?

You can change your online account login email address and correspondence address online. Please log in to your account to make changes, or email us at to follow up.

What should I do if I forget my login password?

Members who use email as the login account name: If you forget your password, please click "Forgot Password" on the "Login" page, and then enter your registered member's email address, the system will send a link to reset your password by email, click the link Reset your password to log in again.

Can I share my membership account with others?

In order to protect the rights and interests of members, the KOSMETICS membership and online ordering account are only used by the registered person, and each member can only have one KOSMETICS membership and online account.

Is my membership information safe?

Please rest assured that your privacy will be protected. For details, please refer to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of the website.

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