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Korean Color Brands Recommendations

Makeup can highlight the beauty of each individual's features. Choosing the right makeup products for oneself can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the entire makeup process. At Kosmetics Beauty, our cosmetics store, we are committed to sourcing high-quality makeup products and brands, making it easier for everyone to find products that satisfy their needs. Different makeup brands have their own unique characteristics. Although Korean makeup offers a wide range of styles and choices, it can be overwhelming when faced with numerous cosmetics products in the store. We provide makeup recommendations based on the distinctive features of different brands, with a particular focus on Korean makeup, hoping to deepen everyone's understanding of Korean makeup.

There are countless makeup stores in the market, especially Korean color stores, making it easy for consumers to forget what they have seen. Moreover, there are numerous categories and brands in the field, ranging from base makeup to embellishments, eye to lip makeup, which can easily discourage beauty enthusiasts. However, each Korean makeup brand has its own strengths, further emphasizing the importance of good Korean makeup recommendations and brand introductions.

Most of the makeup brands covered in our store come from Korea, including CLIO and Peripera. Each brand offers a wide range of products that cover various makeup categories, all of which are of excellent quality. Below, I will provide a detailed makeup recommendation for each brand.

Korean Cosmetics Recommendations

1. CLIO Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion 

In terms of makeup products, the cost-effectiveness of this product is very high. It is a high-quality makeup product that combines sun protection, whitening, and wrinkle improvement into a triple functional formula. It provides perfect coverage and a semi-matte finish. Not to mention its strong long-lasting power which can last up to 72 hours. Additionally, The New Founwear Cushion is suitable for sensitive skin, providing both usability and peace of mind. It is a perfect foundation cushion that is both effective and safe for the skin, and it is also one of the products that I frequently use.

2. CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Conceal Palette 

Conceal palette is a very common makeup product that helps enhance the facial contours, making them appear more defined. Unlike typical Korean makeup products, this is a multi-functional conceal palette that combines multiple shades of concealer creams. Its creamy texture gently emulsifies with body heat, smoothly covering every inch of the skin. It is also a long-lasting makeup recommendation that can maintain a flawless and comfortable base makeup.

3. CLIO Chiffon Blur Tint – A Must-Have Color Item

When it comes to Korean makeup recommendations, we can't overlook the importance of lip products. A good lip tint or lipstick can greatly enhance the beauty of your lips. There is a wide variety of lip tints available, making it difficult to choose the most suitable shade, even if you find a color that you love. This makeup product has a soft and penetrating color payoff, naturally enhancing the sensual atmosphere. It has a clean and transparent, yet lightweight and adhering velvet texture. It fills in the lip lines smoothly, leaving a thin and smooth layer. Significantly, CLIO Chiffon Blur Tint offers up to 16 different shades, so you don't have to worry about not finding the color you desire.

4. CLIO Pro Eye Palette 

Eyes are said to be the window to the soul. I believe the importance of eye makeup is something everyone is well aware of. It is crucial to understand how to use suitable and excellent cosmetics to highlight the focal points of the eyes, as it can truly enhance the overall makeup look. For eye makeup recommendations, I suggest the CLIO Pro Eye Palette. It offers a combination of matte and shimmery shades, creating irreplaceable beautiful colors. Additionally, it possesses excellent qualities of high pigmentation and great adherence. This product is also long-lasting and doesn't smudge easily, reducing any concerns while allowing for endless variations in eyeshadow application.

5. Peripera x Maltese Archive Collection 

Peripera x Maltese Archive collection is also a makeup line that is wildly popular among young people. One of the standout products is the Peripera All Take Mood Palette. It features a soft color scheme with versatile beige shades and trendy cool-toned shades like magenta and blue with pearl finishes. For those who have a need for eyeshadow makeup, this is definitely one of the best makeup recommendations.

Another product from the Maltese series is the Peripera Ink Thin Thin Brush Liner. In terms of makeup products, it offers high cost-effectiveness. It is known for its long-lasting and smudge-proof formula that resists smudging. It is equipped with a 0.12mm ultra-fine brush tip, allowing for smooth application of the eyeliner. It can create both precise and sparkling tearful eye makeup looks. 

6. Peripera Pure Blushed Sunshine Cheek

When talking about makeup products, blush items can not be missed. Blush adds a natural flush to the skin, enhances facial radiance, and creates a healthy and vibrant complexion, contributing to a perfect makeup look. However, it can be challenging to choose the right blush among the wide array of options available. That's why we highly recommend Peripera Pure Blushed Sunshine Cheek, which has a finely milled texture, providing a transparent and highly pigmented color payoff with excellent adherence. 

7. Peripera Ink Airy Velvet (Fluffy Air Collection)

Peripera's lip tint is also something that I would like to share. Different makeup brands have their own unique features for lip tints, but Peripera's lip tint stands out with its lightweight texture and enhanced adherence. It effortlessly creates a soft and petal gradation tinged like watercolor, making dull skin appear bright and lively. It is one of the hero collections at our Kosmetics Beauty store.

I hope the above makeup recommendations can help everyone become familiar with the various popular Korean makeup products.


1. Is it better to choose makeup products online or offline?

Answer: In the past, people often chose makeup products in physical stores, as they believed that only by personally swatching the products could they determine if they were suitable for them. However, in recent years, various makeup brands, especially Korean brands, have started to establish their online platforms. They also provide color comparison charts online, making it more convenient to purchase makeup products from online stores.

2. What should be considered when choosing different makeup products?

Answer: It is recommended to consider whether the ingredients are suitable for one's individual skin type. For example, some products may be suitable for sensitive skin, while others may not be. Additionally, when selecting lipsticks, lip tints, or foundations with distinct color differences, extra attention should be given. Lastly,it is also important to focus on the overall compatibility of the makeup products.

3. Does the season have an impact on selecting makeup products?

Answer: Yes, the season does have some impact. Seasons and weather can affect the condition and temperature of the skin. For example, during hot weather, it is suitable to choose lighter foundations that will not add burden to your skin. Whereas for colder seasons, it is better to opt for makeup products with stronger moisturizing properties. However, there are no absolute rules, and personal preferences can also be considered when making changes.

4. Are there significant differences in makeup products from different countries or regions?

Answer: In fact, there can be significant differences in makeup brands from different countries or regions. This is because each region has its own variations in skin tones and skin types. Additionally, makeup trends can also vary based on local cultural influences. For example, Korean makeup brands are influenced by the K-pop culture, and people aspire to achieve a celebrity-like effect through Korean makeup products.

5. What makeup products are typically found in makeup stores?

Answer: Common products include foundations, lipsticks, lip tints, and skincare products. There are a wide variety of categories available. You can refer to our website for different recommendations to deepen your understanding of various makeup products.

6. Are there any recommendations for Korean makeup stores?

Answer: Whether it's offline or online makeup stores, there are many Korean makeup stores and brands available. However, each brand has its own unique selling points and significant differences. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should first understand different Korean makeup stores and personal recommendations before making a purchase. This way, you can choose makeup products that are more suitable for you.

7. How can you more easily choose your desired makeup products in online makeup stores?

Answer: Compared to shopping at physical Korean makeup stores, one notable characteristic of purchasing makeup products online is the difficulty in making choices due to the wide variety of options available on online platforms. One way to navigate this is by paying attention to the comments and reviews of different products on various social platforms.

8. What are the advantages of Korean makeup?

Answer: Korean makeup tends to focus on natural-looking makeup, making it more suitable for those who prefer a lighter application. Additionally, Korean makeup brands strive for innovation and versatility, frequently introducing new products and techniques. They continuously follow trends and cater to the needs of their customers. You are welcome to visit Korean makeup stores to swatch and purchase products.

9. Are there any particularly outstanding Korean makeup brands?

Answer: Different Korean makeup brands have their own strengths and unique features, so there isn't a significant difference between them. However, if you want to save time and find your ideal products directly, you can also refer to our Korean makeup store and makeup recommendations.

10. Do I need to pay attention to the expiration date when purchasing makeup products?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary. Different makeup stores will indicate the expiration date on the packaging or the product itself. Customers should take note of this before making a purchase because the usage period of makeup products typically spans several seasons.