Return/Exchange Policy

7 days return/exchange service

Kosmetics BEAUTY provides a 7-day return/exchange service, you can return/exchange products purchased on for the following reasons within 7 days from the date of receipt.

Reasons for return/exchange requests include:

  1. The color, pattern and material of the product do not match the description on the website
  2. logistic issue
  3. purchase error
  4. Product defects or quality problems

Description of jewelry non-defect range

Since 90% of the products are handmade, the following conditions are not within the scope of defects:

  • Color difference: The product will have a slight color difference due to the color rendering of the display, and the actual color of the product shall prevail.
  • Slightly crooked diamond overflow glue: Most jewelry is made by hand, it is inevitable that there will be a little glue residue, some diamonds are uneven or uneven, and a small amount of glue residue is a normal phenomenon, not a defect.
  • Blackening of the ear needles: The blackening is caused by welding at the factory, but in order to avoid allergic reactions, there is no electroplating and brightening treatment, which is not within the scope of defects.
  • Metal scratches: Due to the overlap and friction during the transportation process, small scratches, small bumps, and slight paint peeling on the inside of the product are normal phenomena and are not within the scope of defects.
  • Drip oil jewelry: for processed products, it is inevitable that there will be small impurities, uneven oil dripping, and oil spills, which are not within the scope of defects.
  • Bending ear needles: Most of the materials are silver-plated, and the ear needles are soft and thin, so a little bending is normal.
  • Size error: There may be errors in size due to different measurements, 0.5-1 cm is normal.
  • Sweat will damage the electroplating layer. If you are prone to sweat, bracelets/necklaces/rings and other close-fitting accessories may turn black due to improper cleaning or frequent wearing.

Returned/exchanged products must be in good condition and meet the following requirements:

  1. The product is intact
  2. All accessories of the product are intact
  3. Product is unused
  4. Product packaging intact
  5. Commodity status does not affect secondary sales

*Overseas orders do not provide return or exchange services except for defects and misdelivery.

Return/Exchange Process

Please ensure that your order meets the return/exchange requirements, and submit a return/exchange request by email within 7 days from the date of receipt, and explain the product to be returned or exchanged and the reason. After receiving the return/exchange application, we will confirm the application content with you, and make an appointment with SF Express to pick up the item at the original delivery address.
For returned product packaging, please prepare a complete bag to properly package the returned product, delivery note or order and send it back to us. Do not use the original transparent packaging bag of the product as the outer packaging of the return to avoid loss of the product during delivery.
After we receive your returned product, we will inspect the product, and after confirming that it is correct, we will notify you of the return/exchange result and follow-up arrangements by email.
All return/exchange related fees will depend on the reason for the application and the status of the product. If it is confirmed that the product does not meet the requirements for return/exchange after the experience, we will reserve the final right to charge the customer for the return/exchange shipping charges.

*If the consumer wants to return or change the color number/product/product type due to a purchase error (non-defective product/wrong delivery), he/she needs to bear the shipping fee. Please be sure to confirm the product you want to replace with the customer service contact person first, and then send it back to us in complete packaging. After we receive the product and confirm it, we will send the product you want to replace by "pay on delivery" (the shipping fee is about HK$30 - 50 yuan) (Reminder: Once the exchange is completed, the return cannot be processed.)

Customer Service Email:
Customer Service Phone: +852 3521 0700

Please return the product to be returned/replaced to the following address:
Unit A, 15th Floor, EASTCORE, 398 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong - KOSMETICS <br> Tel: +852 3521 0700 .