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Lip Tint

We firmly believe that every girl has countless lip tints at home, especially after the mask mandate was lifted. The frequency of using lip tints has only increased. At the same time, Korean lip tint brands continue to launch new shades and packaging. There are also regular articles recommending lip tints in the market, providing the public with more information and options for choosing lip tints, making it convenient and allowing them to frequently change their makeup styles.

For budget-conscious girls, Korean lip tint brands are undoubtedly the best recommendation. You can purchase high-quality and aesthetically pleasing lip tints without having to spend too much money. Especially in recent years, K-POP has been popular worldwide, and Korean lip tint brands endorsed by Korean celebrities have become even more famous, attracting the support of numerous fans and becoming popular lip tint options. This time, Kosmetics Beauty brings you the most popular and newly released lip tint recommendations in the Korean lip tint market, featuring trendy and popular lip tints that will help you achieve the style of Korean girls.

Lip Tint Texture

When recommending lip tints, let's first introduce the two most common textures of Korean lip tints: glossy and matte.

Glossy Lip Tint Compared to regular lipsticks and lip balms, lip tints have a more moisturizing and glossy finish and are less likely to fade, providing longer-lasting wear on the lips. Glossy lip tints have been a popular choice in Korean lip tints in recent years and are often referred to as "jelly lips" or "glass lips" by Korean girls. They give the lips a shiny glass-like appearance, making the whole person look younger and more vibrant. Glossy lip tints are suitable for all girls and are particularly recommended during the summer or in dry weather conditions. They can hydrate the lips in a dry environment, creating a vibrant and glossy lip makeup look. 

Matte Lip Tint Matte lip tints are the most versatile and reliable choice when it comes to lip tint recommendations and are also one of the most common textures in Korean lip tints. The texture of matte lip tints leans towards a velvety, matte finish, creating a lightweight and airy feel. They are easy to apply and adhere to the lips, creating a three-dimensional effect. They are especially suitable for the autumn season when paired with earthy-colored matte lip tints, as they enhance personal charm and exude an intellectual beauty.

Lip Tint Recommendations

After understanding the differences in textures of lip tints, the following will provide you with high-performance lip tint recommendations to let you know about the popular lip tint products in Korea and the recommendations from famous makeup artists.

Lip Tint Recommendation 1: CLIO Crystal Glam Tint This lip tint is my personal favorite 

recommendation! It is a water gloss lip tint product developed by Korean experts and customers together. The unique and beautiful lip tint packaging and the gorgeous shades that are suitable for daily wear have gained popularity among the masses. It ranked first in sales on the first day of its release in Korea, and many online platforms and KOLs have shared posts about CLIO Crystal Glam Tint recommendations. This lip tint has super long-lasting power and a glossy finish. It prevents moisture evaporation from the lips and provides hydration, creating plump and honey-like lips. It is the top lip tint recommendation of the season!

Lip Tint Recommendation 2: CLIO Dewy Blur Tint

In addition to Crystal Glam Tint, CLIO's Dewy Blur Tint is also one of their popular lip tint recommendations. In terms of its dewy matte texture, this lip tint is very lightweight but highly pigmented. When applied, it looks natural as if it's our own lips, achieving the often-heard MLLB (My Lip But Better) effect in the Korean lip tint industry. Additionally, CLIO Dewy Blur Tint has a compact design, making it convenient for girls who need to touch up frequently or don't want to carry a large makeup bag.

Lip Tint Recommendation 3: PERIPERA Ink Velvet Collection - Velvet Matte Lip Tint PERIPERA is the preferred brand for Korean budget-conscious girls, and their lip tints are the most popular. Among them, the Ink Velvet Collection is undoubtedly the cutest lip tint recommendation! The PERIPERA Ink Velvet Collection features adorable milk bottle packaging and versatile colors that attract countless young girls. It has a velvety matte texture like velvet cream, smooth as butter, and creates long-lasting and vibrant lips with its beautiful shades. It is one of the foolproof lip tint recommendations!

 Lip Tint Recommendation 4: PERIPERA Ink Mood Glowy Tint - Glossy Water Lip Tint If you love lip tints with a moisturizing and glossy finish, then PERIPERA's Ink Mood Glowy Tint is the perfect lip tint recommendation for you. It has a refreshing wavy texture and a non-sticky, radiant glossiness, interpreting shiny and plump lips that highlight a youthful and vibrant look. Additionally, this collection regularly releases new limited-edition shades and packaging. The PERIPERA Peritage Collection and the Sky High Angel Collection have introduced limited-edition shades of Ink Mood Glowy Tint, which are highly popular among Korean girls and the general public. It is an almost essential lip tint recommendation for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make the lip tint more pigmented?

Answer: It is recommended to moisturize your lips before applying the lip tint. You can use a damp tissue to moisten your lips or apply a thin layer of lip balm as a base before applying the lip tint. This can make the color more noticeable.

2. What is the difference between Korean lip tints and Japanese lip tints? 

Answer:Japanese lip tints tend to focus on natural lip colors and a moisturizing, glossy texture. The lip tints offered by local Japanese brands often have lighter and more natural shades, with fewer options for vibrant or diverse colors. On the other hand, Korean lip tints continuously release new shades and packaging. For example, PERIPERA's ink velvet series offers over 30 colors for consumers to choose from, catering to different makeup styles and product preferences. Korean lip tints are generally known to be more long-lasting and pigmented, which is why they have gained popularity in recent years.

3. My lips are very dry. Can I still use lip tint? 

Yes, you can. Many brands of lip tints on the market not only offer new shades and packaging but also focus on providing hydration and a glossy finish, aiming to create plump and moisturized lips for users.

4. How should I apply lip tint?

Answer:First, avoid applying too much lip tint. Then, move the brush applicator back and forth on the lower lip and use the remaining product on the brush to apply it to the upper lip. You can layer the lip tint according to your personal preference, as each layer may create a different color effect.

5. Can lip tint be used as blush?

Answer:Yes, it can. For example, the color and texture of CLIO Chiffon Blur Tint

 are suitable for applying to the cheekbones, creating a more consistent and natural makeup look.

6. Should I choose lip tint or lipstick?

Answer:This depends on personal preferences and needs. Lip tints are more suitable for customers who prefer a lightweight and glossy lip makeup look.

7. How can I choose the right lip tint for myself?

Answer:When purchasing lip tint, you can consider the following factors: desired texture, your own makeup style, preferred shades, and the characteristics of your lips. Based on your personal needs, you can select a product that suits you.

8. Does lip tint have a fragrance?

Answer:Each brand may have different approaches when producing lip tints, but most products on the market contain added fragrance.

9. How long does lip tint last?

Answer:Although some customers believe that lip tints are more prone to fading compared to regular lipsticks, many brands are constantly improving the longevity of lip tints to reduce the need for touch-ups. If you are still concerned about longevity, you can apply a lip primer before applying the lip tint to enhance its staying power.

10. Can I use lip tint and lipstick together?

Answer:Yes, you can. You can mix and match different products according to your personal preference to create a more diverse lip makeup effect.