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Experts say that eye makeup accounts for approximately 60% of the overall makeup look and is the first thing people notice. It requires more thought when choosing eyeshadows. There are numerous eyeshadow palette brands available in the market, and Korean eyeshadow brands alone are plentiful. They offer single colors, four-color palettes, and even twelve-color palettes. Each palette's color combinations and packaging are filled with a girlish charm. For example, KOSHORT IN SEOUL LIMITED CLIO 10-Color Eyeshadow Set has received high recommendations from customers and is loved by girls everywhere. If you want to learn more, continue to check out our eyeshadow recommendations and Korean eyeshadow products!

How should beginners choose the right eyeshadow?

When faced with the constant influx of eyeshadow recommendations and information about new Korean eyeshadow products, many makeup beginners tend to blindly follow online reviews or purchase products based on their preferred Korean eyeshadow packaging. Some may even buy 3 to 5 different Korean eyeshadow palettes from various brands at once. However, often these beginners later realize that the recommended eyeshadows or the ones they purchased online are not suitable for them, resulting in them being set aside unused. So, how should one choose eyeshadows that are suitable and enjoyable? Should beginners blindly follow online eyeshadow recommendations? Let Kosmetics Beauty provide you with some eyeshadow recommendations!

When it comes to eyeshadow recommendations, beginners can start by choosing eyeshadows that complement their skin tone. It is suggested to select colors that are slightly closer to or slightly darker than their own skin tone. Additionally, for beginners, eyeshadows with a matte finish and medium saturation in color are more suitable. They are easier to control and blend, creating a natural and beautiful eye makeup look. For Asian individuals with warm undertones, coral shades, purple-pinks, and other warm-toned colors with low saturation are safe and reliable choices for eyeshadow recommendations. These colors can accentuate the natural skin tone, help even out the complexion, and reduce puffiness, making them great options for eyeshadow recommendations.

Eyeshadow Application Steps

Many beginners find it daunting to start applying eyeshadow and often end up with strange and unappealing eye makeup by simply applying their favorite colors on their eyelids. Let Kosmetics Beauty teach you the most commonly used and easy eyeshadow application method, making the most of the beauty of Korean eyeshadows and helping you create a captivating eye makeup look!

Step 1: Apply a base color Start by selecting the lightest brown or beige shade from your eyeshadow palette as the base color. Blend it over the entire eyelid and lower lash line. 

Step 2: Deepen the crease Using a smaller eyeshadow brush, choose a slightly darker shade and apply it to the crease. It's recommended to start from the outer corner of the eye and gradually deepen the crease by layering the color and blending it with the base color for a natural look. 

Step 3: Add a touch of shimmer Using your finger or a smaller eyeshadow brush, pick up a small amount of shimmer/glitter eyeshadow and gently apply it to the center of the eyelid. 

Step 4: Apply eyeshadow to the lower lash line and outer corner Using a flat eyeshadow brush, take a small amount of the shade used in Step 2 and blend it along the outer third of the lower lash line (creating an inverted triangle shape). Remember not to extend it too far. Additionally, you can also apply a small amount of shimmer and gently sweep it over the outer corner to create the popular Korean-style aegyo-sal (eye bags) effect. 

Step 5: Eyeliner Eyeliner doesn't necessarily have to be applied using a pencil or liquid liner. You can try using a dark eyeshadow, such as dark brown, from your eyeshadow palette as your "eyeliner color." Use an angled eyeshadow brush to apply it to the outer part of the upper lash line, extending it slightly outward by about 0.8 - 1 centimeter. This method creates a more natural look compared to using liquid or pencil eyeliner.

Eyeshadow Recommendations

Kosmetics Beauty is here to introduce eyeshadow recommendations from Korean brands to help you achieve foolproof eye makeup! 

Eyeshadow Recommendation 1: CLIO Shade and Shadow Palette #1 This is a 12-color Korean eyeshadow palette that includes eyeshadows, eyeliners, blush, contour (highlighter & shadow), and brow powder, offering multifunctional eyeshadow in one palette. The palette primarily features earthy brown shades, suitable for customers with various skin tones. It can be used for different daily occasions and outfits, making it a cost-effective and visually appealing eyeshadow recommendation. 

Eyeshadow Recommendation 2: PERIPERA All Take Mood Like Palette #1 Another eyeshadow recommendation is the PERIPERA palette with a girly pink packaging. It combines bright pink and warm brown shades, making it loved by women of all ages. Additionally, the heart-shaped embossing in this Korean eyeshadow palette can be used as a highlighter and blush, creating a harmonious and consistent overall makeup look. Undoubtedly, it is a highly cost-effective eyeshadow recommendation!


1. How can I avoid eyeshadow not showing up?

Answer:You can apply an eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow. If you don't have a primer, you can also dust a thin layer of loose powder as a substitute. Another tip is to spray a small amount of setting spray on your eyeshadow brush before picking up the color, as it helps to intensify the pigmentation.

2. What are some good eyeshadow recommendations?

Answer:A good eyeshadow recommendation should have a range of colors including a base shade, eyeliner shade, contour shade, and shimmer highlight. This allows for easy color combinations and the ability to create different eye makeup styles.

3. Do I need many eyeshadow brushes?

Answer:As a beginner, you don't necessarily need a lot of eyeshadow brushes unless you're aiming for very precise application. Using the eyeshadow brushes provided in our recommended eyeshadow products, along with a flat brush, should be sufficient.

4. How can I prevent eyeshadow from creasing?

Answer:In addition to using an eyeshadow primer, you can set your eyeshadow by applying a light dusting of loose powder and using a setting spray. This helps to make your eyeshadow and eye makeup last longer.

5. Is it suitable to wear eyeshadow with glasses?

Answer: If you wear glasses, it's not recommended to use too many colors or create a large eye makeup area. Coral or earthy-toned eyeshadows can be a good recommendation, focusing on deepening the crease. The CLIO eyeshadow palette mentioned earlier is also a suitable eyeshadow recommendation.

6. Does applying eyeshadow harm the eyes?

Answer:Makeup products contain chemicals that can potentially cause inflammation if they get into the eyes. To prevent such issues, ensure you have a good skincare routine, thoroughly remove any residual eyeshadow and cleanse the skin every night. If eyeshadow accidentally gets into the eyes, rinse with water or use eye drops to clean them.

7. Why does my eyeshadow become powdery when I apply it?

Answer:This may happen if you pick up too much eyeshadow on your brush. After picking up the eyeshadow, gently tap off any excess powder before applying it to your eyelids. This can help prevent the powdery effect caused by an excessive amount of eyeshadow.

8. How can I create a gradient eyeshadow look?

Answer:Start by selecting two shades of different depths. Divide your eyelid into three parts and apply the lighter shade to the front two-thirds. Then, apply the darker shade to the back one-third. Use an eyeshadow brush to blend the two colors, creating a natural gradient effect.

9. What should I do if I make a mistake or go over the eyeshadow boundaries?

Answer:You can use a tissue or a cotton swab dampened with makeup remover to gently dab and correct any mistakes.

10. Does using different eyeshadow colors make the eye makeup look more beautiful?

Answer:Not necessarily. Using multiple eyeshadow colors requires skill to achieve a beautiful and natural-looking eye makeup. On the contrary, even with a single eyeshadow color or the recommended eyeshadow palette mentioned earlier, you can create captivating and versatile eye looks.