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Lipstick Introduction

Every girl puts in a certain amount of effort to decorate her lips when doing makeup, hoping to make them more vibrant. Lips are one of the focal points of the face, and a good lip color can add a highlight to the entire makeup, making the look feel more complete. This makes lipstick recommendations very important and necessary. However, there are different steps and methods for applying makeup to the lips. Girls mainly choose lip gloss or lipstick for coloring, and Korean lipsticks and lip glosses have been highly sought after by many girls for years. We hope to introduce different Korean lipsticks to everyone, making it easier for you to apply makeup with less hassle. A good lipstick recommendation can definitely make it easier for girls to find the right lipstick product for themselves. For example, understanding how to apply lipstick, the differences in Korean lipsticks, and providing some common questions, can make it easier for you to make choices and avoid mistakes.

Recommended Korean Lip Balms

We also want to provide recommendations for lip balms. Although lip balms have a different purpose compared to regular cosmetic lipsticks, as skincare products, we also want to recommend different lip balms for everyone to consider. 

Huxley Lip Balm ; Leave Behind is recommended for those who want a subtle color on their lips and often experience dryness. The reason for recommending this lip balm is that it contains cactus ceramide, which helps to maintain long-lasting hydration and provide rich nourishment to dry lips.
Peripera Ink Mood Glowy Blam is recommended for daily use. It is a vegan lip balm that moisturizes the lips. Its smooth and comfortable texture gives a velvety matte finish without being sticky.

CNP Propolis Derma Moisture Lip Balm is recommended for its highly effective moisturizing properties. It has a lightweight and non-greasy texture that keeps the lips hydrated without feeling heavy. Although the steps for applying lip balm are generally well-known, we would like to share the recommended steps to avoid missing any details. 

Step 1: Ensure that the lips are clean and free from any impurities. You can gently wipe the lips with warm water as a preparation before applying lip balm. 

Step 2: Optionally, you can use a lip liner to outline the lips (if needed) and then fill in the entire lip area slowly and gently. The lip liner should match the color of the chosen lip balm to achieve a more natural overall lip color. 

Step 3: Apply the lip balm. Start from the center of the lips and gently glide the lip balm. The key is to evenly distribute the lip balm on the surface of the lips and try to avoid color overlap. 

Step 4: Clean up any excess lip balm (if necessary). If you are concerned about the lip balm smudging outside the lips, you can gently bite onto a tissue and slowly remove it to help remove the excess lip balm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose a lipstick color?

Answer:Lipsticks come in many shades. The choice of lipstick color mainly depends on your own skin tone. Lighter skin tones usually suit pink or nude shades, while deeper skin tones can use more vibrant lip colors. However, it ultimately depends on the effect you want to create when choosing a lipstick color.

2. How to choose a lipstick texture?

Answer: You can decide based on your lips' moisturization level and your desired longevity and lightweight feel. Lipstick recommendations generally take these factors into consideration.There are many different lipstick textures available. The most common ones include solid cream lipsticks, which are moisturizing and what we typically see as regular lipsticks. They provide a smooth finish to the lips.

3. Is lipstick long-lasting?

Answer:The shelf life of lipstick varies depending on the brand and ingredients. For Korean lipsticks, the expiry period is typically between 12 to 24 months, but it depends on the product's formulation and storage conditions.

4. Can lipstick and lip balm be used together?

Answer:Yes, lipstick and lip balm can be used together. Lip balm primarily moisturizes and hydrates the lips, while lipstick adds color and shine.

5. How to choose the shine or gloss level of lipstick?

Answer:The shine or gloss level of lipstick is mainly determined by personal preference and the occasion of use. Matte lipsticks are recommended for everyday makeup or when a long-lasting effect is desired. High-shine lipsticks are suitable for special occasions or when you want to accentuate the lips.

6. Should I choose lipstick or lip gloss?

Answer:Lipstick and lip gloss have different characteristics and effects, suitable for different needs and personal preferences. Generally, lip gloss provides more moisture.

7. What are the characteristics of Korean lipsticks?

Answer:Korean lipsticks focus on a natural look and are recommended for those who prefer a natural makeup style. They also offer a wide range of color choices.

8. What is the versatility of Korean lipsticks?

Answer:The versatility of Korean lipsticks refers to the fact that some Korean lipsticks can also be used as blush or eyeshadow, providing additional makeup options and making the application process more convenient.

9. How to prepare the lips before applying lipstick?

Answer:Before applying lipstick, it is recommended to use a lip exfoliating product to remove dead skin cells and make the lips smoother for easier color application. Additionally, using a moisturizing lip product helps keep the lips hydrated, making it easier for the lipstick to adhere and increasing its longevity.

10. How to make lipstick last longer and prevent it from smudging?

Answer:First, take care of your lips by moisturizing and hydrating them. You can also use a lip primer to enhance adhesion and longevity; a lip primer can be applied before applying lipstick. It is also important to avoid applying too much lipstick at once. Start by applying a thin layer and then gently press a tissue on your lips to remove any excess lipstick. Follow up with a second layer of lipstick to enhance overall longevity.