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Foundation Recommendations

Foundation is an essential tool for every makeup enthusiast, but there are countless foundation products on the market, making the process of foundation recommendations very important. Our Kosmetics Beauty's Korean foundations are highly sought after by customers every year, and we hope to introduce different foundations to you, reducing your worries about foundation. This article will mainly focus on cushion compacts, while liquid foundations will be introduced on a separate page.

Applying foundation is a meticulous art, and in this article, we will mainly provide foundation recommendations, hoping that everyone can learn how to choose different Korean foundations, understand the differences between different types of foundations, and gain a deeper understanding of foundations. Finally, we will also teach you the steps to apply foundation.

Choosing Foundation

First, common types of foundations include powder compacts and liquid foundations. The former includes cushion compacts commonly seen in Korean foundation products, while the latter generally refers to foundations packaged in glass bottles. The choice of foundation recommendations depends on the occasion. Customers can first select different foundations based on their skin type: dry? Combination? Oily skin? 

Another important point in foundation recommendations is selecting the shade of foundation. Korean foundations have many different shades, making it more challenging to choose the right foundation. Western foundations require a deeper understanding of one's own skin tone, while Japanese and Korean foundations generally cater to Asian skin tones. Additionally, different shades can be used for different seasons. For example, a darker shade can be used for summer foundation, while a lighter shade can be used for winter. For Korean foundation recommendations, we recommend our CLIO Kill Cover Mesh Glow Cushion, which provides 54 hours of long-lasting radiance, lightweight and comfortable wear. It is also formulated with low-irritant ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Determining one's own skin type can be challenging, especially for beginners. Want a more convenient and efficient foundation recommendation? Our CLIO Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion is suitable for most skin types and has undergone low-irritation tests, making it safe for sensitive skin. It caters to each customer's requirements for foundation. This foundation is a great balance between a regular cushion compact and a liquid foundation. Its texture is neither too moist nor too dry, making it suitable for those who want a natural makeup look and those who occasionally want a heavier makeup look. It also provides 72 hours of long-lasting wear, lightweight and comfortable.


1. Which is recommended, cushion foundation or liquid foundation?

Answer:Actually, the difference between the two is quite noticeable. Liquid foundation usually has a higher proportion of water or oil, making it more adherent and moisturizing. It provides a heavier coverage compared to regular cushion foundations. This type of foundation is recommended for those who frequently dress up and have heavier makeup requirements. On the other hand, cushion foundations have a lighter texture, making them suitable for creating a natural makeup look. However, they sacrifice some coverage power.

2. How can I determine my skin tone before choosing a foundation?

Answer: Before recommending a foundation, let's teach everyone how to choose the right shade. Initially, you can classify your skin tone as warm or cool. Method 1: Under natural light, observe the color of the veins on the inside of your forearm. If the veins appear blue or purple, your skin tone may be cool. If the veins appear green, your skin tone may be warm. Method 2: Try on clothing of different tones indoors. If warm-toned clothing makes you look better, then your skin tone is likely warm, and if cool-toned clothing suits you, then your skin tone is likely cool. If you have a neutral skin tone, both warm and cool-toned clothing will suit you.

3. What are the different textures of foundation?

Answer: Regardless of whether it's Western or Korean foundation, there are many different textures available, such as powder foundation, liquid foundation, and cream foundation. Liquid foundation is more common and includes popular options in the market. Cream foundation is thicker and provides more coverage than liquid foundation while also offering moisturizing properties.

4. How to choose foundations with different textures?

Answer: When selecting foundations with different textures, it's recommended to consider your skin type. For dry skin, you can choose more moisturizing liquid or cream foundations. Cushion foundations have a lightweight texture and often contain moisturizing ingredients, making them suitable for various skin types. For oily skin, powder foundation can absorb excess oil and control shine. It's important to have an understanding of the different foundation textures before making a purchase to maximize the results.

5. What are the differences between cushion foundation and traditional foundation?

Answer:Cushion foundation involves soaking a sponge cushion in liquid foundation, resulting in a lighter and thinner texture compared to traditional foundations such as liquid, cream, or powder foundations. This gives a more natural makeup look. Additionally, cushion foundations generally have medium coverage compared to traditional foundations.

6. Which texture of foundation is recommended for beginners?

Answer: For beginners, it's recommended to use liquid foundation, preferably a lightweight and sheer formula that is easier to control and prevents a heavy makeup look. Cushion foundations can also be used as they have a lightweight texture and are easier to apply.

7. Is cushion foundation recommended for oily skin?

Answer:Cushion foundation is more suitable for oily skin. It usually has better oil control properties and often contains ingredients that help absorb excess oil, reducing the appearance of shine on the skin. Additionally, the lightweight texture of cushion foundation allows for better breathability, reducing clogged pores and minimizing the accumulation of sebum and formation of acne.

8. What are the main differences between Korean and Western foundations?

Answer:In general, Korean foundations have lighter textures and focus on giving the skin a radiant and moisturized appearance, aiming to create a natural makeup look. Western foundations offer more diversity, and if you're looking for a full coverage effect, it's recommended to use Western foundations. Korean foundations usually have shades that are more suitable for East Asian skin tones, making them more recommended in that regard. Western foundations provide a wider range of shades to cater to different skin tone needs.

9. What is the order of applying foundation?

Answer:It's recommended to start by applying a layer of moisturizer to the face and neck to ensure adequate hydration. Then, depending on your needs, apply concealer or primer. Next, apply foundation liquid or cushion foundation. If using liquid foundation, squeeze a small amount and start applying from the cheeks, moving to the chin, around the eyes, and then the forehead. Pay extra attention to the nose, applying the foundation from top to bottom and using a tapping motion to apply it to the sides of the nose.

10. How can sensitive skin choose a foundation?

Answer:Choose products labeled as "suitable for sensitive skin" or "for sensitive skin." These products are formulated with gentle ingredients to minimize irritation on sensitive skin. Additionally, it's recommended to use cushion foundations as they have a lighter texture, which tends to be less irritating to the skin.