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Base and Foundation

Foundation is the first and also the most important step in makeup. Even with excellent eye and lip makeup techniques, if there isn't a perfect base, it can affect the overall appearance, making it feel less clean and refined. The most commonly used foundation product is liquid foundation, which is essential for every makeup beginner. Liquid foundation can be used by all skin types, whether you have dry or oily skin. Additionally, liquid foundation provides better coverage and longevity, which is why many makeup professionals recommend and write articles about liquid foundation for beginners to reference.

However, with countless brands of liquid foundation available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for yourself. Therefore, we have selected versatile and cost-effective brands for foundation recommendations. Particularly, with the recent popularity of Korean makeup, their liquid foundations are more suitable for beginners as an entry-level tool compared to Western brands. Therefore, we will focus on writing about Korean liquid foundations and provide recommendations.

Foundation Recommendation

Before applying liquid foundation, the first step to success is choosing the right product and shade. Next, we will provide foundation recommendations based on positive reviews and high sales volume. We will also include recommendations for different textures of liquid foundation to cater to individual preferences and needs.

Foundation Recommendation 1: CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Foundation 

CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Foundation is a popular Korean product. It has received numerous awards in South Korea, including the top prize in the makeup category at Olive Young for several years, making it a commonly recommended foundation. This product provides a matte finish and has a lightweight texture, allowing for a natural and comfortable soft-focus complexion. It boasts an impressive 72-hour long-lasting formula, making it an essential foundation recommendation for beginners. The standout feature of CLIO's Kill Cover foundation is its exceptional coverage ability compared to other Korean foundations. It utilizes a powerful concealing formula, effectively covering skin pores and imperfections with precision. This has contributed to its reputation as a highly recommended foundation among customers. With just one product, this foundation achieves both foundation and concealing functions, making it a popular choice among users.

Foundation Recommendation 2: CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Foundation Mini 

The mentioned CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Foundation has recently launched a new adorable mini version, transitioning from its original 38g packaging to a 13g small foundation tube. This is one of the personal favorite foundation recommendations for me. Despite the compact packaging, it still maintains the functionality and features of the original one. This mini Korean foundation is particularly suitable for makeup beginners who may want to try out a new product but are concerned about wasting it if they find it unsuitable, and this serves as the perfect solution to address such concerns.

Foundation Recommendation 3: CLIO Kill Cover High Glow Foundation 

This is the latest foundation launched by CLIO, and is highly suitable for people who are looking for glowy and dewy makeup finish. This foundation emphasizes a hydrating and luminous effect, creating a beautifully smooth skin texture that appears natural and refined. It received great acclaim on its first day of release in Korea, with many influencers and makeup professionals sharing recommendations and reviews about this foundation. It is particularly suitable for users with oily skin or those who desire a luminous glow for dry skin. This foundation offers strong coverage and can maintain its coverage and radiance for up to 72 hours. Even with a light application, it can create a high coverage, translucent, and glowing complexion. It is highly recommended by Korean women as their top choice for foundation.

Steps for Applying Foundation

After selecting the right foundation for yourself, how should you use it to create a seamless and natural-looking base? Let Kosmetics Beauty guide you through the most commonly used steps, explained by Korean foundation brands themselves! 

Step 1: Gently shake the foundation, then pump a small amount of foundation onto the palm of your hand.

Step 2: Lightly apply a small amount of foundation onto the skin.

It is recommended to use a foundation spatula, as it is a commonly used and highly praised foundation application tool. Many Korean foundation brands also provide or include this foundation spatula, which helps evenly distribute the foundation onto the skin.

Step 3: Using a makeup sponge or your hands, gently pat the foundation onto the skin in an inward to outward motion to allow the skin to absorb the essence of the foundation.

Step 4: Done!

Quick Tip: After lightly applying one layer of foundation, only apply a small amount of foundation in areas that require extra coverage to create a natural and soft-looking skin.


1. Is it difficult to apply foundation?

Answer: No, it is not. Foundation is usually more hydrating and smooth compared to other makeup products, making it easier to blend. You can also use a foundation scraping stick and a makeup sponge as auxiliary tools.

2. Should I apply concealer or foundation first?

Answer: The editor would recommend applying foundation first to even out the skin tone, and then using concealer for targeted coverage. You can also choose the recommended foundation products mentioned earlier, as these Korean foundations have strong coverage and can eliminate the need for purchasing a separate concealer. They can help create a natural and refined makeup look.

3. How to make foundation last longer?

Answer: First, it's important to properly moisturize and prep the skin before applying makeup. After applying foundation, use setting powder to help make the makeup last longer.

4. Do I need to carry foundation for touch-ups?

Answer: You can complete your base makeup at home using foundation and carry a cushion foundation for touch-ups when you're out. Using a mini-sized cushion foundation will be more convenient.

5. What factors should be considered when purchasing foundation?

Answer: When selecting a foundation, you should consider your skin type, skin tone, and the desired makeup finish.

6. Should I use my hands or a makeup sponge to blend the foundation?

Answer: Both methods are acceptable. Using your hands allows for a quicker and more convenient application, but it can make your hands dirty. On the other hand, a makeup sponge can help the foundation adhere better to the skin, but there is a chance of experiencing the issue of product absorption.

7. How to fix cakey or powdery foundation?

Answer: You can start by spraying some mist to provide moisture to the cakey areas, allowing the moisture to be absorbed. Then, apply a small amount of moisturizer to those areas before using touch-up products.

8. Should I choose liquid foundation or cushion foundation?

Anwer: It depends on personal preference. Liquid foundation usually offers higher coverage than cushion foundation and has a heavier texture. On the other hand, cushion foundation is often more lightweight with a more natural finish. It is recommended to personally try both products in-store and choose the one that you prefer.

9. How to prevent foundation from feeling sticky on the skin?

Answer: First, avoid applying too much foundation on the skin. Afterwards, use setting powder to absorb excess oil and reduce stickiness.

10. Is foundation suitable for sensitive skin?

Answer: Yes, it can be suitable. However, when selecting a foundation, it's important to pay attention to the product's ingredients. Choose foundations that have undergone sensitivity testing or consult with a medical professional to prevent any allergic reactions.