Ohora N Cherryz ND-383

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Ohora N-Cherryz ND-383

Cherry manicure with a strange atmosphere, with precious color matching and cherry sketch•highlight, showing a lively and charming manicure design. The semi-syrup dosage form adds a refreshing feeling to the color, and the cuteness is added with a small cherry sketch, and it is completed in a kitch style that can be enjoyed happily.

Ohora phototherapy nail stickers are a new concept of phototherapy nail stickers, made of semi-cured gel, only 60% pre-hardened.
This makes them soft, flexible and comes in a variety of sizes that can be applied according to the shape of the nail.
The quantity is enough for 2 uses.

(1) Clean the nail surface
(2) Pick the right size ohora gel nail stickers.
(3) Use nail scissors, etc. to cut off the excess part, and use the attached wooden stick to press the edge of the nail sticker to make it more tightly bonded.
(4) Irradiate the brand UV lamp 1~3 times to harden the nail sticker.

【Removal method】
(1) Fully apply the nail polish remover to the nail sticker.
(2) Use the wooden stick attached to the nail sticker to slowly push it from the edge of the nail sticker to the center of the nail to separate the nail sticker from the nail.
(3) If the nail sticker is still attached to the nail, apply the nail remover several times until the nail sticker is completely removed.

Ohora N Cherryz ND-383
Ohora N Cherryz ND-383
Ohora N Cherryz ND-383
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