Ohora 3-step Tools

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Ohora Nail Tools in 3 Steps
1. Ohora Professional Double-ended Nail Stick

  • Easily removes gel nails
  • Perfect fit without warping
  • excellent durability
  • hygienic washable
Size: 5x153mm

2. Ohora Professional Brightening Gel
  • Maintain the high gloss of the glass surface for a long time
  • Even the bending of the nails is meticulous, and the thick and full feeling that can be covered
  • Beginners can also use it easily, the most advanced brush without brush texture
  • Safe ingredients without optical brighteners
Capacity: 10ml

3. Ohora Professional Easy Nail Remover
  • Gently removes gel nails to minimize nail damage on hands and feet
  • Contains ingredients that support the health of hand and foot nails for non-dry, hydrated nails
  • Dropper style applicator for hygiene and convenience

Capacity: 50ml


Ohora 3 steps tools - 1
Ohora 3 steps tools - 2
Ohora 3 steps tools - 3
Ohora 3 steps tools - 4
Ohora 3-step Tools
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