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CNP Anti-pore Black Head Clear Kit 10SET

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o Hot sales exceeded 13 million sets! Bring together a variety of natural extracts and CNP patented complexes to painlessly dissolve blackheads and deep oil to create zero-pore skin
o Two simple steps, gentle and non-irritating to remove blackheads, while soothing and tightening pores, creating clean and smooth skin around the nose

1. After cleansing and daily basic care, apply 1 to the nose for about 10 minutes.
2. Take off the nasal membrane after 10 minutes, and use a cotton swab to remove the blackhead oil that has been discharged from the nose. Remove remaining dirt with a cotton swab in a clockwise circular motion.
3. Apply 2 to the nose for about 10 minutes to repair and manage pores.
4. Take it off, massage gently to help the skin absorb the remaining nutrients. (No need to clean after use)

Capacity: 10 pairs + 1 extra pairs

Product expiration date: 2025.10.12

CNP Anti-pore Black Head Clear Kit 10SET
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