EST1923 Pure Natural Rose Water

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•Easy to remove makeup, remove makeup and maintain at the same time •Balance oil secretion, tighten pores •Prevent dry skin, soothe tired skin •A multi-purpose, toner, makeup remover, wet compress, water retention spray, rose bath

◎Makeup remover: Take an appropriate amount of rose water and moisten a cotton pad, apply it on the part to be removed, and wipe off the make-up after a few seconds.
◎Moisturizing 1: Use mask paper soaked in rose water to make a moisturizing mask and apply it to the face.
◎Moisturizing 2: Take an appropriate amount of rose water in the palm of your hand or on a cotton pad, and pat it on the face for moisturizing.
◎Moisturizing 3: Put it in a spray bottle and use it as a moisturizing spray ◎Body skin care: When bathing, add half a cup of rose water to moisturize the skin all over the body

Capacity: 350ml
EST1923 Pure Natural Rose Water
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