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CNP Propolis Energy Ampule 2-Step Mask (5pcs)

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o Contains natural moisturizing ingredients extracted from nature-propolis essence and hyaluronic acid, which form a protective barrier on the skin and promote cell regeneration
o Supplement moisture to the skin, maintain long-term moisturizing, and make the skin smoother and more moisturized
o Contains whitening ingredients••amines can effectively decompose pigments and make skin translucent and lustrous
o The glandular ingredients added can smooth fine lines and make the skin smooth and elastic

1. After cleansing, open the essence of Step01 and apply it gently on the whole face.
2. Take out the Step02 mask and apply it on the face.
3. Remove the mask after about 15~20 minutes.
4. With a proper massage, gently pat to help the skin absorb the remaining nutrients.
*It is recommended to use 1 to 2 times a week
*Put it in the refrigerator for a period of time and use it for better results.

Capacity: 5 pieces
CNP Propolis Energy Ampule 2-Step Mask (5pcs)
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